Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can Electronic Cigarettes Save me Money?

Answer: Yes. Traditional Cigarettes average about $8.00 a pack. A pack a day smoker spends $240.00 a month. Beyond Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits have an initial investment of $50.00. But the average per day cost of use when re-filling your own cartridges with Beyond E-Liquid is about thirty five cents a day.
Here is the Math.
Beyond E-Liquid Price = $6.95 for a 10 ML Bottle. One 10 ML Bottle will refill about 40 Cartridges. Each refilled cartridge will last about 100 puffs. A traditional cigarette will last about 10 puffs. Pack a day smoker will inhale about 200 puffs per day.
$6.95 Divided by 40 = .17 cents per cartridge. two cartridges per day = 200 puffs times .17 = .34 cents per day.

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